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How to Communicate Organizational Change During the Pandemic

As a change management expert, I can attest the need for a communication strategy in any change effort and in an uncertain COVID world, internal communication plays an even more critical role. Whether you’re changing technology, business practices, leadership or a combination of things, change management communication is essential to helping people move from where they are today to the desired “future state.” Businesses have to find effective ways to communicate the abrupt changes so employees can understand new strategies and adjust their work accordingly.

Broadly speaking, when driving change during the pandemic, you need to:

  • Explain to your employees the changes you’re implementing as well as the different steps your organizational change plan includes.
  • Tell them the reasons why you’re implementing these specific changes and the impacts it may have on their work.
  • There’s no organizational change plan without objectives and goals. Clearly explain to your employees the objectives you’ve set and also help them identify the impacts it will have on their work.


  • Encourage your employees to ask any questions they may have in mind and most importantly, make sure you are able to answer all their questions. Now that most teams are remote, this is one of the best way to reconnect and build trust with your remote teams. Keep the dialogue open with employees the same way you would keep it open in part of a crisis communication plan.

Take Away:

Anxiety is common in times of uncertainty, especially when organizations have operated with a specific set of cultural norms and assumptions that are now changing. Setting and communicating clear expectations will help reduce anxiety, establish each member’s new roles and responsibilities and construct a culture grounded in transparency, accountability, and most importantly, trust. Whether the change is developing new corporate policies and procedures or new job descriptions, communicating the changes will help set the stage for expectations, create new cultural norms that will impact behavior, and ensure smoother operations.

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