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 What is a Facilitator? 

A facilitator is someone who plans, guides, and manages group events to meet their goals. However, effective facilitation goes beyond just managing a group. It requires ensuring that every person has an opportunity to hear others and express their ideas. People want to participate in making decisions that affect their lives and see their efforts make a difference in the world.


New Approaches to Leadership 

New approaches to leadership are emerging, with changing expectations morphing hierarchies into circles. Authentic leadership and authentic participation are becoming more important than ever. Facilitators use their skills to ensure that every person’s wisdom is included, making the mix richer, and ultimately leading to wiser results.


The Power of Facilitation 

The Power of Facilitation is a collaborative effort of global thought leaders in facilitation. Each chapter looks at the power of facilitation in different aspects of business, community, life, and society. It provides real-life case examples of how people think together to achieve inspiring, amazing, and impactful results. Facilitation equalizes the playing field and assures that solutions are sustainable for everyone.

Facilitation and Siloed Organizations 

Facilitation is the only way to ensure that siloed organizations, teams, and individuals study something and propose a solution that considers all other perspectives. By equalizing the playing field, facilitation enables solutions that are sustainable for everyone.

Harnessing the Power of Facilitation The Power of Facilitation is a resource for any leader looking to harness the power of facilitation to access more honest, equitable, and effective meetings, communities, organizations, and world. By bringing people together and enabling them to share their knowledge, wisdom, and ideas, facilitation can lead to impactful results.


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