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A Strength-Based, Participatory Process for Effective Strategic Planning

A 6-week program for non-profit leaders to facilitate their own strategic planning process.

This 6-week program provides the knowledge, skills, framework, and tools needed for a strength-based and participatory strategic planning process, ensuring buy-in and commitment from all stakeholders. With our four-phase approach, you’ll learn to harness your organization’s collective strengths, unite stakeholders, develop flexible strategies, and foster a culture of strategic thinking. Ultimately, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to guide a process that not only tackles immediate challenges but also sets the stage for long-term success and growth.

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The Plan

Equipping you with the tools essential for success.

This program is structured around four core phases of strategic planning, enhanced with two essential modules: “Creating Buy-In for Your Plan” and “Customizing the Phases for Your Organization.” Between sessions, Q&A opportunities and personalized coaching elements are incorporated to facilitate a deeper understanding and practical application, ensuring you can adapt the strategic planning process to fit the unique needs and context of your organization.

  • Interactive Learning: This program is designed to be interactive and dynamic, catering specifically to the unique challenges and opportunities within the non-profit sector, and aims to empower leaders with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to drive their organizations forward strategically.
  • Peer Exchange: Engage in meaningful exchanges with peers, offering and receiving feedback, advice, and support, ensuring the continuous application of strategic planning skills in real-world contexts.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Between each module, Q&A sessions will allow participants to clarify concepts, address challenges, and share experiences, enhancing the learning process.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with a diverse group of non-profit leaders, sharing insights, challenges, and successes to foster mutual growth and collaboration.
  • Ongoing Support: Following the program, coaching sessions offer personalized support as leaders begin to implement their strategic planning processes, ensuring they can apply the program’s lessons effectively within their organizations.
  • Stakeholder Engagement for Mission Success: Understanding and engaging your organization’s ecosystem is key to developing a strategic plan and securing commitment to your mission. This approach aligns stakeholders, ensuring their investment in achieving the organization’s goals with a supportive, engaged community.

Meet Our Facilitator

6-Week Program Overview

During the 6-week program, navigate through our expertly crafted modules, each poised to deepen your understanding. Included are the objectives for a balanced and immersive learning experience:

Module 1: The Foundation of Vision: Crafting Your Strategic Blueprint

This module introduces the foundational steps of strategic planning, focusing on setting clear objectives, understanding the scope of work, and preparing your organization for the strategic planning process. Participants will learn to map out the planning phase, identify key stakeholders, and establish a timeline for the strategic planning process.

Rational Aim:

Leaders will be equipped with the necessary tools to construct and implement a structured strategic planning framework, ensuring the establishment of realistic timelines and clear objectives.

Module 2: Voices That Matter: Engaging the Community in Strategic Conversations

Learn how to effectively engage with funders, staff, board, and partners to gather the insights that will fuel your strategic planning process. This module teaches the art of listening and transforming conversations into actionable insights, setting the groundwork for a strategy that resonates with all.

Participants will explore methods for gathering critical information and techniques for generating excitement and buy-in for the strategic planning process.

Rational Aim:

Leaders will gain the skills to conduct comprehensive stakeholder analysis and utilize effective communication strategies for engaging both internal and external stakeholders.

Module 3: Navigating the Future: Crafting Strategies for Sustained Impact

This module guides you through the intricate process of strategy development, from conceptualization to the creation of a robust framework.

This module covers setting strategic priorities, decision-making processes, and aligning resources with goals.

Rational Aim:

Leaders will develop a profound understanding of strategic thinking, enabling them to craft impactful strategies that tackle organizational challenges and leverage opportunities.

Module 4: Turning Strategy into Action: Operational Planning for Impact

Strategy is only as good as its execution. This module focuses on translating strategic goals into concrete, actionable plans. Delve into the essentials of operational planning, from setting milestones and performance metrics to resource allocation, ensuring your strategy is grounded in actionable steps toward success.

Rational Aim:

Leaders will acquire the knowledge and tools to translate strategic goals into actionable plans, detailing specific steps, timelines, and assigned responsibilities.

Module 5: Post-Planning: Mobilization and Buy-in

The journey doesn’t end with planning. Discover the keys to effectively communicating your strategic vision, securing buy-in, and fostering an environment of enthusiastic participation. This module equips you with the tools to inspire and mobilize your organization, turning strategic plans into collective action.

Focuses on strategies for mobilizing your organization post-planning, ensuring buy-in from all stakeholders, and setting up a monitoring system to track progress towards strategic goals.

Rational Aim:

Leaders will be able to effectively communicate strategic plans, promoting organizational alignment, and ensuring robust stakeholder engagement.

Module 6: Practical Application: Developing an Individual Process

Participants will develop a tailored strategic planning process for their own organization, integrating the concepts and tools acquired throughout the program. This final module includes personalized feedback and coaching to refine their strategic planning process.

Rational Aim:

Leaders will be empowered to adapt the learned concepts and methodologies to their unique organizational contexts, facilitating the creation of a tailored strategic planning process.

Designing a Blueprint and Beyond: A Strength-Based, Participatory Process for Effective Strategic Planning

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Start Date:
October 1, 2024


Tuesdays 11am-2pm, Fridays 11am-12pm

What Our Clients Say

“In 2023, Manal supported CCOC to create their first new Strategic Plan since 2012. Manal brought a people-first approach to the entire process: she expertly held space for difficult but necessary conversations, deftly supported participants in navigating the necessary uncertainty of a collaborative development process and introduced key changes with patience and empathy.

Manal is a great facilitator: meticulously prepared, ready to adapt when circumstances require it, and dedicated to timely follow-up. Her willingness to gently challenge long-held assumptions and to encourage participants to engage more deeply in understanding each other was also key to the final result: a strategic plan with enthusiastic support from across the organization. Manal’s passion for people, and her passion for enabling people and organizations to deliver on their missions, is clear in every interaction. I would happily work with Manal again any time.”

Sarah Button

Sarah Button Executive Director,
Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC)

“Manal recently completed the strategic planning process for our organization, and it was a delight to work with her. Several things stood out for me in her facilitation style.”

Each time Manal supports us with compassion and structure. Her level of preparedness for each session was exceptional and we are exceptionally pleased with our final outcome. Manal’s strong organizational skills, exceptional facilitation skills, and wide knowledge and expertise in health and social services helped ensure a strong strategic plan in the end. Would definitely recommend her!

Michelle Hurtubise

Michelle Hurtubise Executive Director,
Centretown Community Health Centre

“It was a pleasure to have Manal guide our team through a Strategic Planning exercise. She made the process fun, engaging and rewarding for all participants. Her calm, honest and creative approach really set the stage for amazing discussions and remarkable idea generation. Manal encouraged all participants to contribute by making our virtual environment a safe space where all members felt welcomed. Strongly recommend Manal for any group facilitation your team may be looking for.

Ben Chapdelaine

Ben Chapdelaine Associate Director,
McMaster University

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you for the work that you did to support the development of our strategic plan.  From the outset, you understood both the importance and complexity of the strategic planning process for a large public sector organization. From our very first meeting your positive energy and optimism and your in depth knowledge about strategic planning was evident. You listened carefully, and thoughtfully mapped out a facilitation plan for our Board and senior staff retreat.

You facilitated our large and complex discussions with grace and successfully navigated any challenges in the process. Your ability to pull out common threads in the discussion brought cohesion to our thinking. Coming out of the facilitation, you generated a summary document that was the foundation for our new plan.”

Michele Giroux

Michèle Giroux Director of Education,
Ottawa-Carleton-District School Board

“I had the opportunity to work very closely with Manal over this past year, as we co-led the process of developing a new 5-year Strategic Plan for JHS Ottawa. Manal exudes kindness and reassuring solidity. I left every one of our interactions with renewed energy, perspective, and confidence.”

Tyler Fainstat

Tyler Fainstat Executive Director,
John Howard Society of Ottawa

“Manal supported our organization in the development of our latest Strategic Plan, and we would strongly recommend her. She designed a highly participatory and transparent consultation process and expertly facilitated a series of conversations that included Board members, managers, and front-line staff.  Throughout the process, we relied on Manal’s keen facilitation skills, her ability to engage and include diverse stakeholders and ensure the final plan integrated and balanced the different perspectives of those who participated. Manal’s positive energy combined with her high level of skill and expertise made this planning process a huge success, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Naini Cloutier

Naini Cloutier Executive Director,
Somerset West Community Health Centre (SWCHC)

Can I schedule a quick call to see if this program is the right fit?

Are you considering enrollment but unsure if this program is the perfect fit for your strategic planning needs? We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation call. This is an opportunity to discuss your objectives and concerns, ensuring our program aligns with your goals before making a commitment.

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Is this program suitable for new non-profit leaders with limited experience?

Absolutely. This program is designed to benefit both seasoned and emerging non-profit leaders. The participatory, strength-based approach caters to all levels of experience, providing the foundational tools and insights necessary for strategic planning, ensuring that every participant leaves with a clear action plan tailored to their organization’s needs.

How can I justify the investment in this program?

Investing in the “A Participatory, Strength-Based Approach to Strategic Planning” program is an investment in your organization’s future success. The skills, tools, and insights gained will not only enhance your strategic planning capabilities but also improve operational effectiveness, impact, and sustainability. Furthermore, 50% of the proceeds go towards charity, amplifying the value of your investment by contributing to social good.

Will I have time to implement what I learn while managing my day-to-day responsibilities?

Yes. The program is designed with busy non-profit leaders in mind, combining intensive learning sessions with practical, actionable steps that can be integrated into your daily work. Plus, the personalized coaching ensures that you can apply what you learn in real-time, with support to address any challenges along the way.

Can this program really make a difference in my organization's strategic planning?

Definitely. This program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasizing practical, actionable strategies and personalized guidance. You’ll learn not just to create strategic plans, but to execute them effectively, ensuring that your organization can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve its mission more efficiently.

What if I enroll but later find the program isn't the right fit for me?

We’re committed to ensuring that all participants gain value from our program. If, for any reason, you find that the program isn’t meeting your expectations, we encourage you to reach out to our facilitators early on. We’re dedicated to working with you to address your concerns, ensuring that your experience is positive and impactful.

Supporting Our Community: Charitable Contributions

50% of proceeds will go towards funding youth initiatives from the following organizations: