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Getting to the Bottom of Top: Foundations of the Methodologies of the Technology of Participation

Author: Wayne & Jo Nelson

Given the state of affairs in an inner-city neighborhood, in general and given the tragic shootings that took place in the neighborhood recently, a large number of young people and organizations in a community are of the opinion that the development of a youth action plan would be important in determining and guiding responses, initiatives, programs and activities carried out in the community. A project that I have the opportunity to be involved in!

People demand authentic participation in decisions that affect their lives. As a facilitator who truly believes in the participatory process, it only felt right that the development of such a plan should first involve and be led by … the youth!

This Thursday, I am grateful for my training at ICA Associates Inc. and Technology of Participation and this book by Wayne and Jo Nelson for giving me the tools to lead organizations and groups in fostering social change – a resolve to take personal and corporate responsibility for shaping a better world for future generations!

The mission is to build a just and equitable society that is in harmony with planet earth! I am feeling extremely grateful to be able to bring my expertise which will strengthen the capacities of organizations, communities, and individuals to affirm the significance of their situation and to build, and implement, responsible plans of action.

I was raised in a similar community so this project hits differently.

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