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How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections

Author: Susan RoAne


I use to loathe “networking”.

It is only until recent years that I discovered building connections is actually something that brings me great joy. It is also one of the reasons I love this platform and a primary reason I love my job.

This past year with COVID, I’ve intentionally went to networking sessions all across the globe via Zoom with the intention to simply meet folks. As a result of one session, I met a colleague, we had so much synergy and we collaborated on my first international project!

I saw this book at a used bookstore and it appealed to me because “work the room” has a negative connotation, however this book is all about deconstructing roadblocks to building connections such as “don’t talk to strangers”, “waiting to be properly introduced” and “risking rejection” among many other things. These roadblocks is what causes us to fear walking into a room filled with people we don’t know. It requires a reframing.

This book is giving me even more ideas with a 2022 Virtual Mentorship Summit that I am currently helping out Black Canadian Coaches Association (BCCA) MENTOR Canada Coaching Association of Canada, and Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. There are so many #facilitated processes that will create deeper connections between coaches, mentors, and partners and help everyone “work the room”.

So many good nuggets but I think my favorite one is this: building connections is equal parts Charm and Chutzpah. This means: caring about people and having the courage to walk up to them and letting them know! 💕🙏🏾🥰

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