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The Snowball Effect: Communication Techniques to Make You Unstoppable

Author: Andy Bounds

Andy Bounds’ book on communication is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their communication skills. As someone who has had to explain things from someone else’s point of view due to his own and his mother’s partial blindness, his unique perspective on communication is insightful and practical.

His advice is refreshingly simple and straightforward, yet effective. The five rules of communication he outlines are:

  1. Always provide context first
  2. Consider the frame of the other person
  3. Thoroughness is key
  4. Include only “extra” info that supports your message
  5. Provide only the required info

By following these rules, you can avoid saying too much irrelevant stuff and instead leave your audience with the information they need. Andy’s sense of humor and engaging writing style make this a light read that is both informative and enjoyable.

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