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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Enhance focus through strategic planning. Backed by thorough research, we adapt methods to address evolving sector demands.


Our participatory strategic planning process is uniquely designed to engage and empower, ensuring every voice is heard and every idea is valued. This approach not only fosters innovation and commitment but also accelerates the implementation of both transformational and incremental changes.

Our process starts by bringing closure to past activities and aligning everyone’s understanding. 

It then moves to creating a shared vision of the future and safely identifying barriers to success. 

Innovative strategies are developed using group creativity, followed by the creation of practical action plans that inspire commitment and prompt implementation. 

The process concludes by empowering teams to adopt behaviors that support the new strategies and structures.

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Key Elements

  • Innovative Engagement
    1. Facilitates creative strategic thinking and dialogue among diverse perspectives.
    2. Generates detailed, imaginative plans swiftly and efficiently.
  • Agile Implementation
    1. Adapts quickly to changing circumstances for flexible execution.
    2. Readies groups for immediate and effective implementation.
  • Team Building and Communication
    1. Enhances group communication and builds lasting consensus.
    2. Develops a unified purpose, driving collective motivation.
  • Action-Oriented Results
    1. Delivers clear action plans with specific timelines and assigned roles.
    2. Promotes accountability, leading to surpassing expected outcomes.

What Our Clients Say

Sayid Consulting facilitated a participatory process with stakeholders, board members, staff and clients to develop a strategic plan collaboratively. Sayid Consulting’s comprehensive approach to community work ensured that our strategic plan addressed the interconnected factors that influence community development. They took the time to understand our organization’s values and mission, incorporating principles of trauma-informed care and social justice to guide our actions. Our strategic plan not only outlined goals and objectives but also considered the underlying values and principles that drive our work.

Farah Aw-Osman

Farah Aw-Osman Executive Director
Centre for Resilience and Social Development (CRSD)

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