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Social Profit Transformation

We’re committed to harnessing the collective strengths and assets of all involved parties. Our process is designed to facilitate swift yet thoughtful decision-making to include the execution and integration of new strategies. Our focus on collaborative efforts, such as coordinated action and network expansion, significantly amplifies your impact.

Key Elements

  • Facilitate Collaborative Solutions:
    1. Powers dynamic problem-solving by uniting diverse groups, leading to more innovative and inclusive strategies.
    2. Creates a synergy of ideas and expertise, resulting in coordinated action, joint advocacy, and enriched learning, significantly boosting overall impact and growth.
  • Enhance Collaboration Structures:
    1. Expertly crafts partnerships that resonate with your organization’s objectives, greatly amplifying influence and reach.
    2. Builds strategic alliances that not only align with your mission but also solidify a united and more effective approach towards achieving set goals.


  • Expert Guidance in Strategic Restructuring:
    1. Offers pivotal support during organizational transitions, directly contributing to enhanced stability and operational effectiveness.
    2. Tailors restructuring processes to fit your organization’s unique vision, ensuring a significant uplift in performance and alignment with long-term objectives.
  • Consultative Support for Organizational Transformation:
    1. Provides critical guidance through complex changes, ensuring a seamless transition that respects both the culture and structure of your organization.
    2. Supports every stage of transformation, from planning to execution, facilitating a smooth transition that leads to sustained success and adaptability in evolving landscapes.

What Our Clients Say

From the outset, you understood both the importance and complexity of the strategic planning process for a large public sector organization.

From our very first meeting your positive energy and optimism and your in depth knowledge about strategic planning was evident. You listened carefully, and thoughtfully mapped out a facilitation plan for our Board and senior staff retreat.

You facilitated our large and complex discussions with grace and successfully navigated any challenges in the process. Your ability to pull out common threads in the discussion brought cohesion to our thinking.

Michele Giroux

Michele Giroux Director of Education
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

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